Ribs & Red Luncheon Roars to Success: $120,000 Raised for Youngcare Charity

POSTED 11 Dec 2023 BY LSH Property Australia - Marketing IN Leasing & Partners

Special Guests Speakers at the Ribs & Reds Youngcare Charity Luncheon

In a thrilling display of community support and automotive enthusiasm, the Ribs & Red Luncheon recently took centre stage on the rooftop of Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct. With just under 200 attendees, the event not only provided a flavoursome selection of ribs and seafood but also raised an impressive $120,000 for the Youngcare charity. The success of the luncheon was amplified by the generous partnership with the Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct, who not only provided the venue but also played a pivotal role in ensuring a fantastic event.



Guests attended in the automotive racing theme attire

A Yearly Tradition

Building on the success of the previous year, the Ribs & Red Luncheon once again captivated attendees who were invited to purchase tickets after their participation at prior events. This continuity not only created a sense of anticipation but also demonstrated the enduring commitment of the community to support Youngcare. The decision to make this an annual tradition speaks volumes about the event’s impact and the dedication of those involved.


Revving Up the Excitement: Automotive Racing Theme

This year’s Ribs & Red Luncheon was not just a feast for the senses but also a treat for automotive enthusiasts. With an exhilarating racing theme, the event welcomed special guests Paul Morris and Russel Ingall, adding a dash of motorsport excitement to the festivities. Attendees were treated to insights and stories from these racing legends, making the luncheon an unforgettable experience for fans and newcomers alike.

A special video message from television personality Karl Stefanovic

Star-Studded Attendance

The excitement didn’t stop with the racing theme. The event also featured a special video message from television personality Karl Stefanovic, adding a touch of glamour to the proceedings. In addition, the luncheon was honored to have the presence of Member of Parliament Steven Miles, who joined the celebration and underscored the importance of supporting charitable initiatives.


Community Contributions: Keeping Costs Low, Raising Funds High

The success of the Ribs & Red Luncheon was not just about the money raised but also about the strategic partnership with the Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct. By generously providing the vacant space, the venue hosts played a crucial role in keeping the base costs low, allowing a more substantial portion of the funds raised to directly benefit the Youngcare charity. This collaboration exemplifies the positive impact that businesses can have when they actively support and engage with their community.

Views from the rooftop of the Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct

The Ribs & Red Luncheon at the Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct was more than a charity event; it was a celebration of community, automotive passion, and unwavering support for a noble cause. With a successful turnout of nearly 200 attendees and an impressive fundraising total of over $120,000, the event demonstrated the power of collaboration and shared enthusiasm. As we reflect on this year’s luncheon, we are reminded that when a community comes together with purpose and passion, remarkable things can happen. The Ribs & Red Luncheon stands as a shining example of the positive impact that can be achieved when businesses, special guests, and attendees unite for the greater good.

About Youngcare

Youngcare is a national not-for-profit, revolutionising the way young people with high care disability live – with freedom, dignity and choice. We are the force that empowers and drives change for young people with high physical support needs, creating a more inclusive Australia.

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