Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct

The Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct heralds a new era in experience-based lifestyle destinations.

The space is a first to market concept represented as a demonstration of LSH’s vision and capability to redefine the future of customer experiences. Offering an outstanding new luxury lifestyle precinct that serves as the new home for LSH Auto Australia’s Mercedes-Benz Brisbane dealership. Located at the Breakfast Creek Wharf entry to the Brisbane CBD, the development stands over an entire river-front block and includes a river-front promenade.

The build sets the tone for contemporary design; with the facade revealing various materials, modernist architectural elements and building planes to promote visual interest and break up the horizontal and vertical nature of the structure.

The five-level site combines a state-of-the-art dealership and heritage car museum with a network of retailers and brands that speak to the same audience. With first-class cooking experiences with Lumiere Culinary Studio, riverside dining at MICA Brasserie, personal care, wellness facilities and a business centre within a singular space, Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct is rapidly becoming a sophisticated urban lifestyle hub. 

  • Gross Building Area

    32,712 sqm
  • Net Lettable Area

    345 NLA
  • Levels



Occupying more than 13,000 of the building’s 32,712 square metres, the new state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Brisbane is the largest Mercedes-Benz retail operation in the Southern Hemisphere. It has a full floor dedicated to new vehicle display, house the LSH Gallery historic car museum, an AMG Performance Centre, an S-Class Lounge with concierge service, dozens of digital vehicle customisation screens, and a second-floor service centre with 45 vehicle maintenance bays that will be visible to customers.

The design vision for the project was set by the German technical planning office, TLD Planungsgruppe GmbH.

The new landmark for Brisbane further enhances Brisbane’s reputation as a new world city – as it is quickly becoming an established centre in the global business and tourism landscape.

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